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    Thanksgiving is coming, so it’s time for all the gratitude posts on social media.

    But, what if this November, we all took 15 days to write down something for which we’re thankful every day? Maybe for you, social media is the right place to do that. If you’re like our team and don’t have the time to risk the social media distraction, though, old-fashioned journaling might be a better option.

    Practicing purposeful gratitude

    We’ve learned that by being intentional with our thankfulness, we can reap some great mental health and productivity benefits. That’s helpful when you’re a small business owner!

    Here are 15 days of gratitude journal prompts to get you thinking about a fresh, thankful perspective as we approach the holiday season. At Bsquared, we’re thankful for you and for the opportunity to earn and keep your trust and support your personal and business financial needs.

    What would you add to this list of prompts? Find us on Facebook and let us know with a #thankful post!

    15 days of gratitude journal prompts

    Day 1: What made you smile in the last 24 hours, and why?

    Day 2: Describe something beautiful you’ve seen today.

    Day 3: What’s your favorite smell, and why?

    Day 4: Think about the happiest you’ve been recently. Write about it!

    Day 5: How will you be a source of good and positivity today for someone else?

    Day 6: Describe your favorite recent work memory. What made it special?

    Day 7: How will you show family or friends how much they mean to you this holiday season?

    Day 8: Think about a recent obstacle you faced, and describe how you felt when you overcame it.

    Day 9: Who makes your life better? Describe why.

    Day 10: What’s your favorite food, and who makes the best version of it?

    Day 11: What goals have you achieved in the past year, and how have they improved your life?

    Day 12: What are your strengths or gifts, and how do you use them to help others?

    Day 13: When was the last time you laughed really hard, and what made you do it?

    Day 14: Describe how you’ll practice self-care during the holidays. What will you take time for?

    Day 15: How will you continue your purposeful gratitude practice through the busy holiday season?

    Keep up all that positive energy

    Get a great head start on the New Year with thankfulness and all the benefits that come from an improved and positive outlook. Think about ways to reduce your stress in the coming year, and turn that idea into action. If finances have you stressed, we can help with that. We’re thankful for every opportunity to help you live a less stressful, more thankful life, so contact us today if we can help!

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