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  • Bsquared Will Meet All Your Accounting & Small Business Needs!

  • Accounting Service Pricing should not be a mystery until you get the BILL! BSquared will carefully evaluate your businesses' scope of work and terms of service beforehand and price it accordingly and effectively.

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  • Are you confident in your business's financial decisions? With expert knowledge of how small businesses operate, BSquared can ease your mind. We have creative solutions to help you maximize your workflow.

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  • As a small business owner, we like to think we can learn any skill to make our business run better but bookkeeping is not one of them. Just like anyone can not be an artist not anyone can be a bookkeeper. A good bookkeeper has to be talented.

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  • Working with a tax preparer that takes the time to gain intimate knowledge of your company and has vast experience with small business is the key to getting the support you need.

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  • Why Bsquared?

    Large or small, our clients find that Bsquared is efficient, flexible and experienced. We develop close working relationships with our clients and are accessible in person, by email, and phone. Our solutions are designed to provide the easiest and most efficient way to handle your workload, answer your questions, and take care of any urgent issues.

    Small Business Services
    If you are the owner of a small, but fast-growing business and you need to spend more time with customers and less time managing your payroll, books or setting up your business – Bsquared is your outsourced accounting and business department.

    Corporate Services
    If you are a controller of a larger company whose internal accounting department is at maximum capacity – Bsquared is your extra resource at critical times in need.

    Software, Certifications, and Qualifications
    Our team is experienced in multiple accounting programs and platforms, including but not limited to:

    • Quickbooks
    • Peachtree
    • Intuit Pro Series Tax Software

    Ask us about our background in your accounting and business software.

    We can develop an hourly, project or monthly service solution to fit your goals. Contact us for a no-obligation review.

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