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  • We are really excited about a new product we are offering.  Have you ever needed to just pick up the phone and have immediate access to an attorney to answer your questions?  Well now you can!

    LegalShield is a service that reminds me of insurance for legal issues.  Whether you got a speeding ticket, need to review a business contract, have unexpected family issues or one of those untimely and scary accidents, this is a solution for everyone.

    My favorite part is that once you are a member, you never have to worry about the cost of calling your attorney, night or day, AND, if it goes to trial, you are still covered in almost every case.  It’s very exciting!

    Certainly, for anyone that doesn't think they have a need could keep others they know in mind, but remember that things come up for us at the most unexpected, inopportune moments in our lives.  I literally compare it to having insurance on my home, vehicles, businesses, etc as the need is very similar to covering ourselves legally in all aspects of our lives.

    You can find more information and some very helpful videos at the below link.  Let us know if you want to learn more, and until then, stay covered.



    -Lisa Walkup