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  • We have grown tremendously in the passed few months with opening an office in South St. Louis and increasing our client base by 20 percent.  We continue to learn and build our experience as our client needs become more than accounting and bookkeeping.  Creating LLC's and S Corps have become a regular routine for Lisa, as well as, their ever changing tax requirements and regulations.  We are pursing a passion for Non-Profits to extend our services of 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations like Men Standing Positive. Dark Energy, a company created by entrepreneur Brandon Phillips, is pushing boundaries with new ventures on the horizon.  CreatiVenture Law continues to support entrepreneurs in building their ideas and solidifying them into realistic patents and trademarks. Our newest and rather best tasting client, Cafe Telegraph, has worked for 2 years to create a place where friends and family can come and enjoy dinner and ball games.  The best pizza sauce I've ever tasted, and I've tasted a lot.   Successful businesses are built by maximizing time spent on activities that generate revenue. That’s why B2 has customized outsourced solutions designed to assist you with improving and managing your critical, but non-revenue generating accounting and business tasks.  As an outsourced provider, we make sure your company’s accounting, business and financial reporting needs are a priority. You’ll find that by allowing B2 to drive these important tasks for your business, you can be empowered to manage and grow YOUR business.

    Large or small, our clients find that Bsquared is efficient, flexible and experienced. We develop close working relationships with our clients and are accessible in person, by email, and phone. Our solutions are designed to provide the easiest and most efficient way to handle your workload, answer your questions, and take care of any urgent issues.

      If you are the owner of a small, but fast-growing business and you need to spend more time with customers and less time managing your payroll, books or setting up your LLC – B Squared is your outsourced accounting and business department.  No task is too big or small, we assess the project and give a projection of the time you would spend on it and the time we would spend on it.  We guarantee we can have it done efficiently and find the best solution for you.  If we can't do it faster than you, we'll find someone who can.

     Our team is experienced in multiple accounting programs, social media platforms, including but not limited to:

    • QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Peachtree, Oracle, JD Edwards
    • Microsoft Certified Advanced User
    • Intuit Pro Series Tax Software
    • HooteSuite, Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    Rates: We can develop an hourly, project or monthly service solution to fit your goals. Contact us for a no-obligation review.


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