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Time-Saving Accounting Tools for Taking Back Your Workday

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Small business owner using online account tools from a laptop

Running a business can be a time-consuming proposition without the right accounting tools to help you save time and money. Take back your workday and grow your business so you can focus on products and services instead of bookkeeping and taxes. Here are few tools that can help you do that for a minimal monthly investment of about $40 to $150 per month for the best options.

QuickBooks Online Accounting Tools

The QuickBooks Online suite of small business solutions offers scalable options so you’re only paying for the services you need. Choose a plan for one, five, or up to 25 users and the functionality your business needs to operate smoothly and keep finances in one place. Features within QuickBooks Online can help you:

  • Track time entry, income, inventory, and expenses
  • Capture and organize receipts and track mileage in real time with a free mobile app
  • Flag tax deductions
  • Manage cash flow, 1099 contractors, and accounts payable
  • Manage estimates and invoices

The Advanced package also provides accounting insights and reporting that can help you stay informed about your company’s financial health. Support is timely, and every package tier includes training options for your users and integrations with popular payment and time tracking platforms you may already be using. What we love about the QBO platform is that you can grant your accountant access so we have everything we need to handle payroll, quarterly taxes, and year-end tax filing.

One great add-on for QBO is Biller Genie, which automates accounts receivable activities in a user-defined cadence that includes late payment notices and fees handling. Biller Genie integrates with QBO and provides a customer portal to make payments, set up automated payments, and manage account information.

Bsquared also offers QuickBooks Desktop functionality on our hosted server if you don’t need QBO’s mobile services, for real-time reporting and management at about the same cost as any of these popular platforms. Our team and clients love this option! Contact us to learn more.


For service-based businesses that need a simple invoicing and payments platform, Freshbooks is a great second option. It doesn’t provide inventory tracking or payroll, but it does offer integrations with lots of communication and payment platforms to automate invoicing and payment needs. Other features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Estimates and project tracking
  • Mobile app mileage tracking

The Freshbooks platform is simple, affordable, and scalable based on the number of invoices you’ll be sending each month. While it doesn’t have all the functionality of QBO, we like that Freshbooks also has accountant access for the online collaboration, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services we offer.

The Best Time Saver of All

These tools are great for saving time and keeping your expenses and income organized on a daily basis, but the most important time-saving tool for small business is your Bsquared accountant. Our team of experts can handle invoicing, payroll, monthly reconciliations, quarterly tax payments, reporting, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how Bsquared can save you time and money as you grow your business.

Small business owner using online account tools from a laptop