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  • Lisa Cotner, CEO

    Operating in excellence, Lisa’s passion centers around her business relationships and maintaining a happy client family. Lisa obtained her love of accounting from her family. Her father is equivalent to a human calculator and her mother, started as a customer service rep and moved up to become a high-level accountant for a large corporation. At 15, her first job set the course for where she is now.  While working for a small business owner, Lisa learned business management via QuickBooks utilization and thus her love of accounting began to grow.

    Lisa will tell you that she is grateful that her high-school career coach, spoke of the inevitable need in the accounting field. He advised her that accounting would never be in low demand or saturated. Convinced that this was the career path for her, Lisa registered for accounting classes at her high school and began exploring her interest in finance. After graduating from high school, she continued her education and received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

    While still in college, she began working with a small photography firm, and implementing the “Cotner Solutions”. Within a short period of time, the small photography company had grown to over seven employees. Honing in on her desire to help small businesses in their growth and development, Lisa realized Cotner Solutions was gaining momentum quickly and in 2007, “Cotner Business Solutions” was officially formed.

    Lisa’s organization, capacity to think and act fast and proficiency in math confirmed she had made the right career choice.   Although Cotner Business Solutions managed 10 small businesses, Lisa wanted to focus on maintaining and steadily growing her dream.  In 2010, she hired her first part-time employee. Having the extra help gave her the much-needed freedom to focus on growing and developing her company. In 2011 Cotner Business Solutions evolved into what is now known as Bsquared.

    Lisa’s unique gift to accurately analyze business operations, evaluate performance and recommend the best course of action is treasured greatly by her clients. Lisa is always welcoming and eager to help clients maneuver through complex tax issues or problems. Calm, cool and collected under stress, Lisa specializes in negotiating with federal and state agencies on behalf of her business clients, freeing up small businesses to focus on increasing gross profit and productivity.

    Bsquared is proud to say we have grown to seven employees, two cities and provide support to 50+ small businesses.  Lisa's dream is on its way to the expansion of eight cities, maximizing Bsquared's efforts of nationwide coverage for business management, financial growth and inspiring success with every business Bsquared encounters!

    Lisa currently resides in Panama City, Florida with her four-year-old son Jaxon, her fiancée Chad and their new addition to the family, a puppy named Athena. Lisa loves to travel and enjoys sampling the native food of a culture, although seafood is her favorite. If there is music playing, you can find Lisa on the dance floor perfecting her moves or maybe at the nearest water related activity, especially float trips. When she is not working on Bsquared business, Lisa enjoys watching movies with her family. Her personal favorites are A Little Piece of Heaven, The Other Guys, and war movies.

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