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  • Holly Rich

    Originally from Florida, Holly is a graduate of Georgia State University, the home of the GSU Blue Panthers. Before relocating back to Florida, Holly spent 20 years in Market Research, working with advertising and promotion managers. Her talents included running marketing and sales-related projects and conducting company research.

    After relocating back to Panama City, Florida, Holly managed a small business for nine years. There she computed taxes, prepared tax returns and ensured compliance with reporting and payments. Holly also helped to develop, maintain and analyze periodic reports, then compare the budgeted costs to actual costs.

    At Bsquared, Holly continues to use her management, accounting and marketing strategies to grow the client base of the Panama City office. Holly is the administrator of the corporate website and keeps new developments at Bsquared in the news, through social media posts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

    Photography and genealogy are two of Holly’s favorite past times. After taking a course at the New York Institute of Photography located in New York city, Holly recognized that she had a keen eye for photography and purchased her first professional camera at the age of 20. After the homegoing of both her grandmother and her mother, Holly became the keeper of all the family photographs and handwritten notes. This prompted her to dig a little deeper into her family tree, cultivating her interest in genealogy.

    Before Hurricane Michael, for eight years Holly lived on a 42 ft Post Sportfish boat named, “Buster Nubbs.” She now lives in Panama City, Florida with Jackson (Jack), her 13-year-old cat, whom she adopted at four weeks old, after a co-worker found him in the engine of their car AFTER driving to work.

    Holly’s conscience awareness of others, their reactions and understanding why people behave as they do, is why Holly is the key person to not only frame, direct and guide Bsquared marketing activities but to also analyze business operations, trends and costs to project future revenues. Holly’s cooperative attitude and willingness to take on new responsibilities and challenges, makes her a welcome addition to the Bsquared family!

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