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  • Hello!
    We have been consistently busy here at Bsquared and loving every minute! Jamie and I are currently “holding down the fort” until Wednesday here, at our St. Lostl archuis office,as Michael and Lisa are working their tails off in Panama City Beach, FL to get things rolling down there! I cannot wait to hear all the details on what’s been happening!

    I would have to say that keeping up with the client accounts with everything from basic accounting, bookkeeping, end of month reconciliations, time tracking, & social media to the everyday general office work can at times a little strenuous; and I panamathink I can honestly say I have never realized how much of a laid back person I am till now. As I am planning a wedding with only a month left until the big event, I surprisingly have kept myself pretty well together. It probably goes hand in hand with truthfully the amazing people I get to work with everyday who are always asking, “How is the wedding planning going?” “Can we do anything?” “Let’s go look at flowers together.” :] Which, in a nutshell is what it is like here, we work very hard to aim to succeed with every one of our clients’ needs and I quote Lr.burgundyisa , “if we are not meeting everyone of our clients’ needs, and not doing whatever it takes to help them, what’s the point?” Not only is everyone invested in our clients, but in our team as well. Although Bsquared has been around for quite a while, I feel we are at the verge of being “Kind of a big deal” as Ron Burgundy would say!

    -Rene Owens

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