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  • At 19, following a new employment opportunity, Rene moved from her hometown, St. Louis, MO to Columbia, MO. She accepted a position as the CEO’S Assistant and began filing and processing paperwork. Rene had to learn QuickBooks from scratch but persistence paid off as she created a new position as the Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable Representative. She also managed payroll consisting of 40 employees.  

    She took on a second position at the same time, managing books for a rental property management company. She loved this new position, as it came very natural to her. Rene excels at multitasking, is immensely organized, and loves to stay busy but Rene wanted to make a difference, and for her work to have an impact. She enjoyed working there for 3 years and was proud of her accomplishments, but still felt she wanted more.

    Rene had always had a plan to move back to her hometown to be close to her family and friends. After 5 years, she and her husband moved back in search of a new career. She began searching all over the St. Louis area, to find what she was looking for. Rene knew after the interview with Lisa, Bsquared is where she could see herself growing. 

    Rene is deeply involved in this company’s growth, and couldn’t be more excited about what tomorrow brings. Rene knows she has found an extraordinary place to work. She loves her work family and couldn’t be happier to work with such amazing, hard-working individuals. She enjoys working with people who are always supporting you and cheering you on, especially when the stressful moments arise.

    Bsquared is pleased to have such a wonderful person working as an Account Manager for our team!