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  • Lisa Cotner, CEO

    At 15 years old, Lisa’s first job, set the path for where she is now. She worked for a small business owner, who taught Lisa business management via QuickBooks utilization. Lisa grew to love accounting and signed up for accounting classes at her high school. Lisa is grateful for the high-school career coach, who spoke of the inevitable need in this field. He advised accounting would never be in low demand or saturated and Lisa was convinced this was the career path for her. 

    Lisa being highly organized, capacity to think and act fast , and proficiency in math confirmed she made the right career choice. Accounting runs in the family, Lisa’s mother started as a customer service rep and is now a high-level accountant for a large corporation and according to Lisa, her father is equivalent to a human calculator. 

    Lisa earned her accounting degree after high-school, and began working with a small photography business. His company rapidly grew to over 7 employees, she realized Cotner Solutions was gaining momentum quickly so in 2007, “Cotner Business Solutions” was formed. At that time, she was managing 10 small businesses but wanted to focus on maintaining and steadily growing her dream. In 2010, Lisa's first part-time employee was hired, which allowed Lisa to grow her company and in 2011 Bsquared was formed.

    Bsquared is proud to say we have grown to 7 employees, 2 cities, provide support to 50+ small businesses. Lisa's dream is on it's way to the expansion of 8 cities, maximizing Bsquared's efforts of nationwide coverage for business management, brand building, and encouraging success with every business Bsquared encounters!