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  • We want to retroactively say THANK YOU this holiday season!  There are so many things we must be thankful for, that we’ve found it difficult to put into words.  After spending Thanksgiving and the days after reflecting on the year, we feel it’s an appropriate time to remind everyone around us of all the wonderful things that have become in 2018.

    While our team and client list has changed a bit, we are especially grateful for all the clients, team members and new additions to our B2 family!

    So many of our clients have been with us for a decade now, while others have been here since their inception. This year, we’ve added to the list of wonderful clients who appreciate what we do and how much we care.  We know that life happens, times get tough, and growth in the small business world can be difficult and trying at times.  We appreciate the opportunity to continue to grow with each one of you.  We consider you all family and look forward to continued success in years to come!

    While we had a bit of turnover on our staff this year, Rene and Scott have become senior members of the team.   We want to welcome Katie, Danielle and Kristy as the newest members of our family and look forward to many years of accounting excellence as B2 has nearly doubled in 2018!

    As many of you know, some of us in the Panama City office are back to work in a new office location.  Also, we are moving this coming week into a new, larger space in St Louis.  Exciting times of change, for sure!

    Here is to a great holiday season, and a truly blessed family of rock stars!  Let’s give it one last push into the New Year!  2019 is going to be great, I can feel it in my spirit….  😉

    XO, friends and family!


    Yours truly,

    Lisa Cotner CEO

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