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  • What is success?  For many of our business and tax clients, success is seeing reward financially.  Our perspective is:  You can't have financial success without building the foundation necessary to support a growing business.

    Installation of the basic building blocks, much like early childhood, is so important in the early growing stages of a business. For example: Without having the proper HR resources, policies, and a strong structure for hiring and maintaining, a growing workforce is nearly impossible. We often see that cash flow management and budgeting in our small business world falls to the waist side because many clients don't understand the importance of financial planning from a day-to-day, week-to-week, and a monthly perspective. When you're a brand new start-up and the only person managing the business is the owner who has a very distinct vision about what they can do to better the consumer market, it is sometimes impossible to see beyond what needs to happen tomorrow.

    Having support from an outside perspective such as an Accounting Service or business consultant can give any entrepreneur a faster paced growth plan. Knowing how to hire and manage your first employee, then the second, fifth, and 100th is a must-have building block to support the structure of your business, unless of course, you are content being a one man shop.